Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating: Tips from a Private Investigator

Ever felt like something’s not quite right in your relationship? You’re not alone. Figuring out if your spouse is cheating can be tricky, but don’t worry – we’re here to help. In this quick read, we’ll uncover signs of infidelity, guided by the know-how of a real-life detective. No fancy words, just straightforward insights into the world of deception.

Private investigators are like secret agents for people who think their partner might be cheating. They’re pros at keeping an eye on things and using cool gadgets to figure out if a spouse is being unfaithful. Learn more by reading the signs below!


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10 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

1. New Work Schedule

A potential red flag indicating cheating could be a sudden change in a spouse’s long-standing work routine. If their schedule, which has remained consistent for years, suddenly shifts, especially with extra hours at work, it might raise suspicions. Many affairs involve individuals from the workplace, making increased hours a potential sign. If a spouse is putting in overtime but isn’t seeing any extra income, it could be a hint of an affair.

2. New Business Trips

A spouse who’s engaging in infidelity might be one who previously had no business travel but suddenly starts going on trips. Some individuals may exploit business trips as opportunities to meet new people in different cities.

3. Less Sex

Changes in a couple’s sexual life can signal an affair. If a spouse who used to have a high sex drive and was enthusiastic about intimacy becomes less interested, it might indicate that their needs are being met elsewhere.

4. Evasiveness

A cheating spouse may become evasive or secretive. They might avoid providing details about time-consuming responsibilities, such as a new project at work. Instead of straightforward answers about their whereabouts, they may engage in arguments or flat-out refuse to respond.

5. Changes in Hygiene

The appearance of a spouse who may be cheating or contemplating infidelity can be telling. They might invest in new, tighter, or more stylish clothes, experiment with different hairstyles or makeup, and increase attention to personal grooming, possibly even getting a gym membership. The use of a new perfume or cologne, especially if received from an affair partner, could also be a sign of change.

6. Change in Behavior

A shift in attitude and behavior is another potential indicator of infidelity. A spouse might purposely start arguments as an excuse to go out and have an affair. They might become easily provoked and irritable. Conversely, out of guilt or an attempt to avoid suspicion, they might exhibit more tolerance, give gifts, or pay extra attention to their partner.

7. Fewer Visits

A cheating spouse might withdraw from social interactions, reduce visits with friends, participate in double dates, or spend time with extended family. This avoidance of familiar faces helps conceal any noticeable changes. Unexpected visits to the spouse’s workplace, especially if involved in an office affair, could lead to frustration or anger from the cheater.

8. Financial Transactions

A spouse spending money to impress a new partner might leave traces on bank or credit card statements. Look out for suspicious purchases like expensive jewelry, hotel expenses, or restaurant bills for two. ATM withdrawals with unaccounted-for cash can make transactions untraceable. 

Some spouses go to the extent of setting up a secret account to cover these additional expenses. The cost of a new apartment may also affect discretionary income, with statements and bills possibly being redirected to an office address or post office box.

9. Calls and Messages

A jealous lover might call and hang up when the spouse answers. Suspicious text messages or an increase in messaging activity could also be signs of infidelity. Even if a spouse buys an extra phone to communicate with a lover, it’s not uncommon for them to do so.

10. More Privacy

A cheating partner may demand more personal time than they are spending with their lover. They might change passwords for their laptop, phone, or social media accounts, and refuse to let their spouse use their computer. Increased time spent on the internet could also be a sign of more secretive behavior.

How to Catch a Cheater – Tips from a Private Investigator

There is nothing more painful than being betrayed by a partner or significant other. According to most experts, the best way to find out if your partner has cheated on you is to hire a private detective. Before taking that step, you can also do some spying yourself.

Don’t Break the Law

Note that privacy is protected in the majority of states, even by concerned family members. Consult a lawyer before taking any actions that could violate your spouse’s personal privacy. If your marriage fails because you broke the law, your spouse may sue you in court.

Some online tips are illegal or in the grey area. This includes installing keyloggers on your target’s computer, hacking into their social media accounts, emails, and phones. While you may obtain proof, engaging in such actions could expose you to lawsuits.

Check Their Phone

Cell phones are among the most personal gadgets we own, so it’s no surprise that cheaters often use them to conduct affairs. Many cheaters secure their phones from an early age. There are some red flags you should be aware of:

  • The PIN they shared with you has been changed.
  • The phone is under the pillow.
  • The caller goes to another room.

Many phones display text or caller notifications even when locked. Note any email or phone numbers you don’t recognize and search for them later.

There are apps that allow you to track your spouse’s phone without their knowledge, but they do carry some risks.

Check Their Browser History

You can view the history of your spouse’s web browser if you are granted legal access to their computer. This allows you to see the websites and pages they visit. It becomes a concern if they are frequenting dating sites or social media pages they’ve kept secret.

You can always check their history even if they delete it after using the browser. It’s likely they are hiding something if they regularly clear their browser history.

Keep a Journal

Keep a journal to track your spouse’s activities. This can include unaccounted-for ATM or credit card transactions, as well as trips. Note trips that are taking longer than usual, like visits to the corner shop that stretch over a few hours. Cash is the most common way that cheaters finance their activities, as it leaves fewer records. A spike in cash withdrawals can be a sign of deceptive behavior.

By keeping detailed records, you can identify if your spouse is cheating. This becomes crucial when confronting cheaters, as they often distort the truth or try to confuse the issue.

Be Prepared for What You Will Discover

You may believe that the person is cheating, but it could be that they are hiding a family issue, an addiction, or something else. Keep calm and avoid making accusations without proof.

There is a high probability that if someone cheats, they will try to cover their tracks. There are numerous resources discussing ways to catch cheaters, just as there are tips available. This reality underscores the complexity of navigating advice on relationships, urging caution and a thoughtful approach when uncovering potential issues.

Hire a Professional Private Investigator

Consider hiring a professional private investigator when faced with uncertainty about your spouse’s fidelity. Private investigators possess the expertise needed to either validate or debunk your suspicions. Their skills go beyond merely confirming doubts; they can provide concrete evidence, admissible in court if necessary.

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