Catch a Cheating Partner

Private Investigator Tips to Catch a Cheating Partner

Are you concerned that your spouse might be unfaithful but unsure how to catch a cheating partner? You’re not alone. In the U.S., the demand for private detectives is increasing. In fact, the market was valued at over $7 billion in 2013. But is it necessary to hire a professional to investigate? With the rise of social media and smartphones, you might wonder if these tools are enough. To help, three private investigators have shared insights from their profession, providing alternatives to hiring a detective.

Why Do People Hire Private Investigators?

People often seek assistance when they notice changes in their partner’s behavior, such as staying late at work or mentioning a new name in conversations. There are clear signs that might suggest infidelity. For instance, switching to a different aftershave or perfume can be a subtle clue. Most individuals lack physical proof but are curious about the identity of the other person involved.


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Catch a Cheating Partner

How Do Private Investigators Find Catch a Cheating Partner?

Although you might picture a detective in a trench coat with a digital camera, technology has significantly changed the private investigation industry. Despite the advancements, traditional investigative methods remain crucial. 

Modern tools allow investigators to track and monitor individuals globally from their offices, combining old-school techniques with new technology to enhance their effectiveness in catching a cheating partner.

Step 1: Conducting a Comprehensive Background Investigation

The first step in our investigative process is a thorough background investigation. This includes examining the individual’s career, assets, associates, and travel plans. A lot of time is dedicated to scrutinizing the person’s background to identify any red flags or areas of concern, allowing us to peel back the layers of an onion. 

Psychologists also review the individual’s past behavior to assess the likelihood of repeating those actions. Patterns, such as fraud, are often found to continue over time.

Step 2: Physical Surveillance

Our team collects photographs, pertinent locations, and details about the vehicle driven by the subject. We also gather information on the subject’s alleged schedule to facilitate tracking, including their driving habits. To capture real-time actions, we utilize motorcycles and vehicles equipped with cameras. If the subject has a history of aggressive driving, we assign two investigators to ensure thorough monitoring without losing track of them.

In one notable case, we investigated a married physician suspected of having an affair. The suspected individuals were recorded on camera engaging in inappropriate behavior inside a car. This activity was observed over three consecutive days, capturing clear evidence of their actions.

Step 3: Honey Trapping

Sometimes, depending on the situation, our team may employ a technique known as ‘Honey-Trapping,’ where a person is sent to subtly flirt with the subject. The interaction is secretly recorded, and the video capturing the subject’s reaction is then shared with their partner. This method can be used to confirm whether someone is likely to cheat. 

In 2022, we utilized this strategy about 10 times. While it confirmed suspicions in a couple of cases, the majority did not engage in the behavior.

Exploring the Diversity of Clients in Private Investigations

There is no ‘typical’ client in the field of private investigations. Our clients, including stay-at-home moms, CEOs, and celebrities, come from all walks of life. The common factor among them is a sense of mistrust toward their spouses or partners. While the majority of our clients are women, constituting about 60% of our cases, there is a diverse range of whom we serve.

For instance, one of our investigators finds that his clients are predominantly men, usually in their 30s and 40s. These clients often feel insecure, attempting to exert control over their partners. For example, there was a case where a trucker, married to a successful attorney, could not accept his wife’s demanding work schedule and suspected infidelity, though he had no concrete evidence to catch his cheating partner. Ironically, the investigation revealed that he was the one being unfaithful.

Another investigator reports an even split between male and female clients but notes fluctuations. For instance, bookings often increase in February due to Valentine’s Day and also post-Christmas, when holidays provide more opportunities for clients to observe unusual behavior in their partners.

The Surprising Discoveries in Infidelity Investigations

Most clients who suspect their partner of cheating are often proven right, but investigations can sometimes reveal unexpected outcomes. It’s not uncommon for these inquiries to uncover other significant issues ranging from fraud and criminal activities to hidden families. In one notable instance, an investigation revealed a spouse’s undisclosed sex change.

Each case is unique, and unexpected revelations are part of the process. For example, during one investigation intended to confirm suspicions of infidelity, it was unexpectedly discovered that the individual frequented a BDSM nightclub. Such findings often surprise clients and illustrate the unpredictable nature of private investigations.

It’s Not Always About the Sex: The Broader Implications of Investigating Infidelity

Our clients rarely seek to prove infidelity solely due to relationship troubles. Instead, they are often convinced of their partner’s unfaithfulness and are gathering evidence for legal battles. Typically, involvement begins when a client is planning a legal strategy related to divorce or the equitable separation of assets. For our customers, the act of cheating is less concerning than the implications it may have on the division of significant assets or the safety of children.

Our team frequently works with clients who need to demonstrate that their partner, whether current or ex, is unfit for parenthood. This might involve instances where a parent brings random partners to the home while the child is present or leaves the child with a relative for extended periods. Such behaviors often push clients to seek custody changes.

What If There Is No Evidence?

If no evidence is found, the investigation does not proceed, yet it is commonly noted that cheaters are eventually discovered. Experts in this field often remark, ‘People think they’re being discreet, but with years of experience, we are always one step ahead.’ 

Additionally, it is observed that some clients refuse to accept that they are not being cheated on, even in the absence of evidence. No matter how much is done for them, they remain unsatisfied. The revelations in this line of work are frequently astonishing.

Catch a Cheating Partner

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