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Welcome to West Front Investigations, LLC, where unparalleled expertise meets the unique needs of Beverly Hills. As a premier private investigation firm based in Los Angeles, we extend our elite services to the discerning clients of Beverly Hills, ensuring discretion, efficiency, and the highest standard of professionalism. 

Our unique value proposition lies in our tailored approach to each case, combined with our commitment to leveraging state-of-the-art technology to deliver court-ready results. Whether it's through the use of advanced GPS trackers, cutting-edge drones, 4K video resolution, unmanned surveillance technology, or hidden cameras, we ensure that our Beverly Hills clients receive the most discreet and effective investigation services available today.

The West Front Difference

At West Front Investigations, LLC, integrity, experience, and a client-focused approach are the pillars of our operation. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading private investigators and detective agencies in the Los Angeles region, with a reputation that precedes us in Beverly Hills and beyond. Our team of skilled investigators brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, combined with a steadfast commitment to delivering results with integrity and diligence.

Our success stories speak volumes, including high-profile cases and complex investigations that have significantly benefited our Beverly Hills clientele. From intricate corporate espionage cases to sensitive personal matters, our track record of success has solidified our standing as the go-to private investigation firm in the area.

We Can Do It

Comprehensive Investigative Services

At West Front Investigations, LLC, our suite of services caters to a broad spectrum of needs, from personal concerns to corporate security:


Process Service

Efficient and reliable delivery of legal documents, even in challenging circumstances.

background screening

Background Checks

Comprehensive screening services for personal, employment, and business purposes.

Insurance Fraud Cases (1)

Asset Searches

Expert investigations into hidden finances and property.

social media background checking

Digital Forensics

Advanced cell phone and computer forensics to uncover digital evidence.


Missing Persons & Skip Tracing

Utilizing sophisticated techniques to locate individuals who are hard to find.


Adultery & Infidelity Investigations

Specializing in uncovering the truth behind cheating spouses and partners.

child support

Child Custody & Support Investigations

Providing crucial evidence for family law cases.

Fraud Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Addressing fraud, security risks, and internal integrity checks.

Comprehensive Investigations
in Beverly Hills

West Front Investigations, LLC offers a broad spectrum of investigative services tailored to the unique dynamics of Beverly Hills. Our expertise encompasses:

  1. Infidelity Cases: Discreet and thorough investigations to address concerns of cheating spouses, leveraging advanced surveillance techniques to gather the necessary evidence.
  2. Asset and Hidden Finances Investigations: Expert financial investigations to uncover hidden assets, crucial for divorce proceedings, business disputes, and more.
  3. Background Screening: Comprehensive background checks for personal, business, or legal purposes, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.
  4. Corporate Security: Specialized services to protect Beverly Hills businesses from internal threats and external risks, including espionage and fraud.

This only scratches the surface of our extensive service offerings, each designed with the Beverly Hills demographic in mind.

Why Choose Us: Beverly Hills' Trusted PI Firm

The trust and satisfaction of our clients are paramount. Testimonials from Beverly Hills residents and businesses attest to our professionalism, effectiveness, and discreet handling of sensitive information. Our deep understanding and local knowledge of Beverly Hills not only enable us to navigate complex investigations with ease but also allow us to provide insights and results unmatched by other firms.

West Front Investigations, LLC stands as Beverly Hills' trusted partner in private investigations, committed to upholding the highest standards of service and discretion. Whether you're facing a personal dilemma, a business challenge, or need legal support, our team is equipped to provide the expertise and results you require.

By choosing us, you're not just hiring a private detective in Beverly Hills you're partnering with a firm that values your privacy, understands your needs, and is dedicated to achieving your objectives with precision and integrity.

The Investigation Process

At West Front Investigations, LLC, we understand that the decision to hire a private investigator is significant. That's why we've streamlined our investigation process to ensure maximum confidentiality and effectiveness, guiding you through each step with clarity and support. Here's how we operate:

Initial Consultation

Your journey begins with a free, confidential consultation where we discuss your case in detail. This initial meeting helps us understand your objectives and the specific challenges you're facing.

Strategy Development

Based on the initial consultation, our team devises a tailored investigation strategy. This plan is crafted to address your concerns efficiently, employing the most appropriate methods and technologies.

Engagement and Deployment

Once you decide to proceed, we formalize the engagement with a clear agreement outlining the scope of work. Our skilled investigators are then deployed, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and methodologies suited to your case.

Evidence Gathering

Throughout the investigation, our team gathers evidence meticulously. Whether through surveillance, digital forensics, or other means, we ensure that all collected information is accurate, relevant, and legally obtained.

Regular Updates and Communication

We believe in keeping our clients informed. Throughout the investigation, you'll receive regular updates and have direct access to your case manager for any questions or additional instructions.

Comprehensive Reporting

Upon conclusion, we compile a comprehensive report detailing the findings. This document is prepared with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring it's court-ready and meets all legal standards.

Post-Investigation Support

Our commitment to you doesn't end with the investigation. We offer post-investigation support, advising you on the next steps and assisting with any further actions you may wish to take.

Get in Touch for a Free Consultation

Ready to take the first step? West Front Investigations, LLC is here to help you navigate through your investigative needs with professionalism and discretion. Don’t let uncertainty linger. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let’s explore how we can bring clarity and resolution to your situation. Whether you’re in Beverly Hills or the greater Los Angeles area, West Front Investigations, LLC is your trusted partner in private investigation.