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When you need to find a private detective in Los Angeles, ensuring their credibility and trustworthiness is essential. Unfortunately, not all private investigators operate with integrity. Many advertise services like marital surveillance in the Yellow Pages, but caution is advised. 

Some may not only fail to deliver on their promises but might also propose unethical practices like fabricating evidence for additional fees. To safeguard yourself from such scams, thoroughly research and vet any private detective you plan to hire, seeking reviews and testimonials to confirm their professionalism and ethical standards.


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A Checklist of Qualities

The first step is to create a list of names. Check that they meet the following criteria:


Qualifying Los Angeles private investigators can vary depending on where you are. In some states, it’s as simple as calling yourself one. No formal qualifications are needed. But in most states, there are rules to follow.

In states with strict regulations, PIs need experience in investigations. The amount of time varies, and sometimes education can reduce it. For instance, in tough states, you might need 6,000 hours of work, like with the FBI or police. Plus, passing a state test and background check is a must. California’s rules are among the strictest.

To check if a PI is licensed, contact your state’s Department of Consumer Affairs. They’ll tell you what’s needed in your area.


When choosing a private investigator, ask about their education, law enforcement background, and experience in private investigation. Are they good with computers? What’s their specialty? And what areas are they not so experienced in, like computer security or polygraphs? Think about if this affects what you need.

Also, find out how long they’ve been working and how many cases like yours they’ve handled. What were the outcomes of those cases?

Clean Record

Check with your state association for private investigators if there have been any complaints or disciplinary action taken against the investigator.

Good Character

What’s your impression of this person? What’s their main focus? Your needs come first. Can you trust them? How do they feel about confidentiality? This person seems ethical and decent.

Los Angeles private investigators might not have the same confidentiality rules as lawyers or doctors, but a good one will still keep your secrets safe. They won’t share any info or sources, and everything you tell them stays confidential.

Some people worry that a PI’s identity might get out when they confront the person being investigated. But a good LA private detective won’t reveal who hired them, so you’re safe. You won’t face any consequences if the surveillance doesn’t go as planned.

Sometimes, though, a detective might need to let the person know they’re being watched, like during a job background check. This way, it can discourage people who might not be the right fit due to something in their past.

Can Testify in Court

If someone has experience in law enforcement or as a federal agent, they know how to navigate the system. They can gather evidence and legal documents that hold up in court. Plus, they’re willing to testify if needed. Make sure your investigator has these skills. If necessary, ask if they’re willing to go to court and if anything might stop them from testifying.

Having an investigator who can testify can make your case stronger if it goes to court. The judge might ask the PI questions to see if they’re an “expert” eligible to testify. This could be about their education, work experience, or anything else relevant.

Appearance is important too. Is the investigator dressed professionally and well-groomed? Do they look like they know what they’re doing?

Knows Human Nature

A private investigator’s best skill is understanding people. They can predict behavior, ask the right questions, and strategize based on what they learn. While computer skills are important too, having a strong sense of people helps a PI gather and share information effectively.

Works Out of an Office

If a private investigator only operates from restaurants, over the phone, or through a post office box, it’s best to steer clear. How can you be sure you’ll find them if you need to? A well-kept office is a sign of professionalism.

Spells Out Fees

Be clear about what you need from the private investigator and ask for a cost estimate. The estimate should be accurate, and the final cost shouldn’t be more unless you’re informed beforehand.

Finding people and assets can be done at a reasonable price. Many PIs have access to databases through their computers. While the fee might go up for their expertise and time, locating someone usually costs around $70 on average. Background investigations typically range from $300 to $400.

Has Good Rapport With You

Does the private investigator understand your situation and make you feel comfortable? Do they maintain eye contact and show sensitivity to your concerns? Are they respectful in their conversation, without being condescending or patronizing? Can you ask all your questions comfortably, and are their answers satisfactory? Do you leave feeling hopeful?

Good Los Angeles private investigators should be professional in both gathering and delivering information, always prioritizing your best interests as their client.

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The First Meeting

What should you bring to the first meeting? Summarize your needs and bring all relevant information and documents. For example, Emma wants to spy on her husband, William. Emma should provide a detailed description of William, his office address, hangouts, friends’ homes, and his daily routine.

Don’t worry if you forget something. This is just the start of hiring someone. It’s a chance to gather info on the service, costs, and investigator. The investigator will explain the process and what they need for the job.

The initial consultation should be free. This reduces the pressure on you to decide right away. Take your time to assess your needs based on the info from the consultation. If you decide to work with an LA private detective, schedule a second meeting to start the process and provide any extra info needed.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to hire an investigator is often an emotional choice. Think about why you want one. What’s the goal of your search? Consider all possible outcomes. Are you ready to hear the truth, whether it’s good or bad? Are you prepared to take action?

If you’re looking into your romantic partner, be ready for any disturbing discoveries. Are you prepared to act if it involves your spouse? Will you seek counseling or consider divorce?

If you need to find a missing relative who doesn’t want contact, what’s your plan?

Thinking about a business investment? What if it’s a fraud?

Hiring a PI should bring answers and ease fears. But if not, be prepared to continue with self-respect and strength.

You can count on a professional PI’s services. They might not only handle the situation but also connect you with other helpful specialists. Remember, you’re taking a step toward resolving issues and living a happier life. You deserve it.

Positive Candidates

  • Use a professional office to run your business.
  • Are licensed.
  • There have been no disciplinary or complaint actions taken against them.
  • References that you can check.
  • Expertise in the area you need and experience with similar cases.
  • You should have a background in law enforcement or the FBI.
  • Feel like you’re the right person.
  • They do not pressure you to “close the sale.” You have time to decide and interview other candidates.

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