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A corporate security investigator has a crucial role in safeguarding our businesses and adapting to the needs of the modern workforce. We are at your service 24/7.

Our corporate security investigator teams are experts in identifying potential dangers. In some cases, a more detailed analysis and expert screening may be necessary, and we can provide that through collaboration and consultation. We carry out threat assessments securely on the West Front Investigations, LLC platform. Contact West Front for a readiness assessment to determine if your behavior threat assessments are up to par.

Business risks can stem from internal sources as well. Your company cannot afford to ignore situations involving current employees, contractors, or temporary workers. Although background checks and evaluations are standard practices, it may take years before any issues surface. West Front Investigations, LLC can help you proactively stay ahead of threats rather than just reacting to them. We prioritize your internal safety and security.

Corporate Security Includes

Corporate security encompasses various aspects to ensure workplace safety and mitigate risks, including:

Workplace Violence

In a case involving a college campus, we assisted in managing a conflict between a staff member and a student, resulting in both parties being dismissed. After intervening and notifying the authorities, the situation was resolved without further incidents.

corporate security investigator

Security in the Workplace

Today's workplaces are typically open and collaborative, emphasizing safety as a fundamental need. As the premier corporate security investigator, West Front Investigations, LLC helps identify potential safety concerns by analyzing behavioral patterns, ensuring a safe working environment.

Insider Threat Prevention

Your organization's assets can be at risk from disgruntled employees or external threats. As the best corporate security investigator, West Front Investigations, LLC aids in proactively identifying signs of criminal activity, whether it's an inside job or an external threat, to safeguard your organization and prevent losses.

These measures are crucial to maintaining a secure workplace, safeguarding employees, and protecting assets. West Front Investigations, LLC can assess your specific needs and offer protective intelligence solutions to enhance safety and security on your campus or within your organization.

We Can Do It

Investigative Services in Los Angeles, CA

West Front Investigations, LLC offers a broad spectrum of investigative services in Los Angeles, CA, addressing various needs:


Expert Level Surveillance

Our team uses cutting-edge techniques to discreetly gather necessary information.


Service of Process

We ensure legal documents are delivered efficiently, even in challenging situations.

background screening

Background Screening

From pre-employment checks to personal background verification, we offer thorough and reliable screening services.

activity check

Activity Check/Spot Check

We provide on-the-ground insights to verify individual activities or whereabouts.

Cohabitation Alimony


Uncover the truth about cohabitation status that can impact alimony decisions.

Corporate Security Investigations

Corporate Security Investigation

Protect your business interests with our comprehensive corporate investigation services.

Interview Recorded Statements

Interview/Recorded Statements

Our team conducts professional interviews to gather crucial information.

Insurance Fraud Cases (1)

Insurance Fraud Cases

We specialize in uncovering fraudulent insurance claims.

social media background checking

Social Media Backgrounds

We provide comprehensive checks on social media activities and histories.


Missing Persons/Skip Tracing

Our skilled team efficiently traces missing persons and skips.


Infidelity Investigation

RP Investigative specializes in cheating spouse, adultery, and infidelity investigations throughout the Los Angeles area and all of southern California.

child support

Child Support & Custody

Protect your child's interests with our detailed investigations that support custody and support claims.

civil litigation support

Civil Litigation Support

We assist in gathering evidence and information to strengthen your civil litigation cases.

Domestic & Difficult Family Matters

Domestic & Difficult Family Matters

Our sensitive approach helps in resolving various family-related disputes.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigation

We help in detecting and documenting instances of fraud.

Scene Investigations (1)

Scene Investigation

Our detailed scene investigations can uncover vital information for various cases.

Quality Control Visits (1)

Quality Control Visits

Ensure compliance and integrity in business operations with our quality control services.

Corporate Security Investigations FAQs

A corporate security investigation involves examining possible threats or breaches in a company. It includes internal issues such as employee misconduct, fraud or theft, as well as external threats like espionage and cyber-attacks.

A corporate investigation is necessary when there are suspicions of unethical or illegal activities in the company.

The investigations are usually conducted by corporate security investigators or private investigative firms with expertise in corporate issues.

These responsibilities can range from background checks of employees to detailed investigations of fraud, theft of intellectual property, and cyber-security breaches.

The duration can vary from a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity and depth of the investigation.

Confidentiality is crucial in corporate security investigations to protect sensitive information and the reputation of all parties involved.

If the investigation was conducted legally and evidence properly documented, the findings can be used in court proceedings.

A business audit examines financial records, compliance with standards, and potential criminal activities, while a corporate investigation delves deeper into security breaches and unethical or criminal activity.

Outcomes can include identifying security vulnerabilities, pursuing legal action against perpetrators, and recovering lost assets.

Companies should communicate the scope and objectives of the investigation, collaborate with investigators, and be prepared to implement recommended changes or actions following the investigation.

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