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West Front Investigations, LLC may become necessary during your lengthy divorce proceedings. If you lack the financial means or suspect that your ex-spouse is cohabiting with another person, it can affect your ability to meet your child custody, alimony, and child support obligations. We can provide a cohabitation investigation if you require a California private investigator to conduct a cohabitation inquiry and establish evidence that your ex is living with someone else.

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What Is Cohabitation?

Cohabitation occurs when two people live together in a sexual relationship without being married. This living arrangement can influence the outcome of a divorce settlement, especially concerning alimony. If cohabitation has a negative impact on child custody, an individual might contemplate seeking assistance from a divorce settlement expert or hiring litigation investigators to conduct surveillance. However, consulting with a divorce lawyer is the best course of action, although it can be time-consuming. Establishing proof of cohabitation is a crucial step if you wish to reduce or terminate spousal maintenance.

How Is Cohabitation Proven?

Even if you suspect that someone is cohabitating, it's crucial to provide proof for the court's decision on alimony payments. To achieve this, hiring a private investigator with expertise in cohabitation investigation and gathering evidence is essential. You can seek assistance by engaging a California private investigator or a child-support private investigator familiar with the area. While there are many private investigators in Los Angeles, finding one skilled in proving cohabitation requires expertise. These investigators can employ various methods to establish evidence of cohabitation.

Background Check

Any private investigator can perform checks, but this step is crucial. Conducting a background check on your ex-partner's current partner can uncover various issues. While it may not definitively prove cohabitation, especially if they are not listed on residence-related documents, it can be valuable in child custody considerations. Background checks can reveal past criminal charges and other relevant information.

cohabitation investigation

cohabitation investigation

Social Media Checks

Even if you're already monitoring your ex-spouse's social media, it can be challenging to find corroborating evidence. However, you can still document shared activities by your ex-spouse, even if they don't openly share their social media account with their partner. For instance, if you notice them "checking in" at specific locations or going on vacations together.

Public Records Search

Investigating public records, such as gas or electric bills and vehicle ownership, can also provide clues about cohabitation. While public records are accessible, knowing where and how to search is essential.

public records search

Statement Gathering

Private investigators excel at gathering information. They may interview neighbors or community members to gain insights into your relationship. In a community, this approach can offer a unique perspective. Private investigators can also use this skill to shed light on relationships and confirm if a couple recently vacationed together. Investigating a couple's vacation, a private investigator can visit the resort or hotel where they stayed and inquire with the staff to confirm their presence in the same room, displaying public affection.

Trash Removal

Similar to what you might see in movies, going through someone's trash can yield valuable information to support cohabitation claims. Items such as letters, bank documents, prescription bottles, and notes can reveal shared information. However, this is only permissible if the trash has been placed at the curb and does not belong to the owner.


Surveillance is among the most effective ways to gather solid evidence. This investigation typically spans 3-4 weeks and is focused on proving cohabitation. The evidence can include video footage of the couple displaying affection in public, photographs, and even keys of cars parked in the same garage or driveway. Surveillance occurs over various weeks and different days, including weekends and weekdays, to provide a comprehensive view. Courts can use this evidence to ascertain whether the other party resides at the same address.

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Why Would I Need to Hire a Private Investigator for Cohabitation?

Alimony payments can be a heavy financial burden. If you're struggling with child custody payments, a private investigator can come to your rescue. In Southern California, a private investigator can help you find financial relief during this challenging phase of your life. Many individuals have successfully reduced their alimony payments with the assistance of private investigators who can prove cohabitation. The methods used by private investigators to gather information can vary depending on whether or not there has been a violation of the agreement. 

Our office is located in Los Angeles, and having a private detective specializing in cohabitation is invaluable. A cohabitation investigation could be the key to winning your case. The alimony process can be frustrating and complex, so feel free to contact us at (323) 910-1084 to resolve your case.