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Infidelity Investigation Services

Infidelity is a terrible event that nobody anticipates. While it's often seen in movies and TV shows, it's genuinely shocking when it occurs in real life. When two individuals make a promise to each other, they trust that the other person will stay true to that commitment. In a marriage or other close relationship, the most significant harm can be done if one person seeks comfort and pleasure with someone else. West Front Investigations, LLC is your partner in uncovering the truth with our infidelity investigation services in Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles Infidelity Investigations

Rarely does someone accuse their partner without a cause. People usually don't want to harm their relationship unless they have a good reason. You might have observed signs or hints that make you suspect your spouse of cheating. These signs could include:

Signs of Infidelity


When your spouse starts behaving distant and aloof


Cell phone records show suspicious activity

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Unusual transactions on credit card statements


Your spouse becomes defensive and more secretive about their plans and appointments

West Front Investigations, LLC - Your Partner in Uncovering Cheating Spouses

When a partner or spouse cheats on their partner, it not only harms the relationship but also deeply hurts the person being cheated on. If you've placed your trust in someone, and then they break that trust, it can change not just your opinion of them but also how you see people in general.

West Front Investigations, LLC, based in Los Angeles County, California, understands the pain you feel when you suspect your spouse of being unfaithful, whether it's emotionally or physically. It's one of the worst things that can happen in a marriage or relationship. But before you take any drastic steps, it's crucial to be certain of the facts.

Accusing someone of infidelity without evidence can be as damaging to your relationship as if they had actually cheated. Be cautious about making hasty accusations. You should have clear evidence that can be used in court or when discussing the issue with your partner.

Reach out to us for an evaluation of your case to determine if we are the right choice for you. We can help you make informed decisions during this challenging time.

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Investigative Services in Los Angeles, CA

West Front Investigations, LLC offers a broad spectrum of investigative services in Los Angeles, CA, addressing various needs:


Expert Level Surveillance

Our team uses cutting-edge techniques to discreetly gather necessary information.


Service of Process

We ensure legal documents are delivered efficiently, even in challenging situations.

background screening

Background Screening

From pre-employment checks to personal background verification, we offer thorough and reliable screening services.

activity check

Activity Check/Spot Check

We provide on-the-ground insights to verify individual activities or whereabouts.

Cohabitation Alimony


Uncover the truth about cohabitation status that can impact alimony decisions.

Corporate Security Investigations

Corporate Security Investigation

Protect your business interests with our comprehensive corporate investigation services.

Interview Recorded Statements

Interview/Recorded Statements

Our team conducts professional interviews to gather crucial information.

Insurance Fraud Cases (1)

Insurance Fraud Cases

We specialize in uncovering fraudulent insurance claims.

social media background checking

Social Media Backgrounds

We provide comprehensive checks on social media activities and histories.


Missing Persons/Skip Tracing

Our skilled team efficiently traces missing persons and skips.


Infidelity Investigation

RP Investigative specializes in cheating spouse, adultery, and infidelity investigations throughout the Los Angeles area and all of southern California.

child support

Child Support & Custody

Protect your child's interests with our detailed investigations that support custody and support claims.

civil litigation support

Civil Litigation Support

We assist in gathering evidence and information to strengthen your civil litigation cases.

Domestic & Difficult Family Matters

Domestic & Difficult Family Matters

Our sensitive approach helps in resolving various family-related disputes.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigation

We help in detecting and documenting instances of fraud.

Scene Investigations (1)

Scene Investigation

Our detailed scene investigations can uncover vital information for various cases.

Quality Control Visits (1)

Quality Control Visits

Ensure compliance and integrity in business operations with our quality control services.

FAQs About Infidelity Investigation

Dealing with suspicions of infidelity can be overwhelming, so here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to cheating spouses or infidelity that can provide you with clarity.

Cheating spouses often display sudden behavioral changes, unexplained spending, secretive online or phone activities, and a lack of intimacy between partners. While these signs may not directly prove infidelity, they should prompt further investigation and evaluation.

Professional investigations often provide concrete evidence of an affair, while personal observations or open communication alone may not be sufficient as proof of infidelity. Professional services can offer more substantial evidence.

Privacy laws vary depending on your location. Generally, it is illegal to invade someone’s privacy without their consent, including your partner’s. Therefore, it is crucial to have a private investigator with expertise in legal matters conduct the investigation on your behalf.

Depending on the situation and emotions involved, seeking counseling or legal advice can be valuable, especially if separation or divorce is being considered. Additionally, seeking emotional support from family, friends, or therapists during this challenging period can be immensely helpful.

Evidence obtained by licensed private investigators can be used as support in divorce proceedings, especially for issues like child custody and alimony payments. To ensure the legality of investigations, it’s essential to work with licensed private investigators.

Approach this sensitive subject cautiously and considerately. Discuss your concerns openly without making baseless accusations or assigning blame. Aim to keep conversations calm.

A trustworthy and discreet private investigator will respect both your and your partner’s right to privacy. Confidentiality is part of their professional standards.

The length of an investigation depends on its complexity and evidence requirements. Some investigations may conclude in a few hours, while others could extend for weeks or longer.

Evidence may include photos and videos, detailed accounts of interactions and activities involving your partner, and digital materials like text messages or emails (when legally available).

Counseling can be beneficial after discovering an affair. It can help process emotions, make informed choices, and potentially work towards relationship restoration if desired.

Find the Truth with RP Investigative Solutions

If you want to uncover the truth about your partner, RP Investigative Solutions, a Los Angeles Private Investigator, can assist you. We're here to help you obtain concrete answers to your concerns. We sincerely hope that your suspicions of infidelity turn out to be unfounded. However, we believe it's essential for you to know the truth about your spouse's fidelity so you can protect yourself.

With years of experience in investigations and police detective work, we have developed systematic strategies to gather relevant and solid evidence about your spouse's hidden actions.

California law mandates that all private investigations must be kept confidential and protected. This ensures that you have control over the information we uncover, and your spouse will remain unaware of the investigation unless you choose to disclose it to them. Therefore, there's nothing to fear when contacting a Los Angeles Private Investigator to look into your spouse's potential infidelity. You'll only gain valuable information, even if it's not always pleasant. This knowledge will empower you to take control of your life.