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West Front Investigations, LLC is the top choice for individuals seeking a private investigator in Beverly Hills. They offer unmatched expertise, precision, and a commitment to delivering impeccable results.

Richard Pontaza, along with his team of investigators, has devoted his career to acquiring the data necessary to meet clients' exacting requirements. This work has not only resulted in financial compensation for countless people but also provided the peace of mind that those who have suffered emotional or physical trauma desperately seek.

Richard Pontaza, his team, and West Front Investigations, LLC ensure your satisfaction by employing the most advanced technology available along with proven field techniques.

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With years of experience in the investigation field, we have garnered expertise in various related areas. This includes Insurance Defense Surveillance and locating individuals in hiding, Worker’s Compensation Cases, and investigations for personal injury claims.
Unlike Beverly Hills Private Investigators who may be hobbyists or lack dedication, our expert services prioritize your satisfaction. We outperform our competition in Beverly Hills by employing proven techniques and maintaining a professional commitment to clear, concise, and efficient performance in the field.

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Investigative Services
in Beverly Hills, CA

West Front Investigations, LLC goes beyond being an infidelity private investigator in Long Beach. Our range of services caters to various needs, ensuring that you have a reliable partner for multiple investigative requirements.


Expert Level Surveillance

Our team uses cutting-edge techniques to discreetly gather necessary information.


Service of Process

We ensure legal documents are delivered efficiently, even in challenging situations.

background screening

Background Screening

From pre-employment checks to personal background verification, we offer thorough and reliable screening services.

activity check

Activity Check/Spot Check

We provide on-the-ground insights to verify individual activities or whereabouts.

Cohabitation Alimony


Uncover the truth about cohabitation status that can impact alimony decisions.

Corporate Security Investigations

Corporate Security Investigation

Protect your business interests with our comprehensive corporate investigation services.

Interview Recorded Statements

Interview/Recorded Statements

Our team conducts professional interviews to gather crucial information.

Insurance Fraud Cases (1)

Insurance Fraud Cases

We specialize in uncovering fraudulent insurance claims.

social media background checking

Social Media Backgrounds

We provide comprehensive checks on social media activities and histories.


Missing Persons/Skip Tracing

Our skilled team efficiently traces missing persons and skips.


Infidelity Investigation

RP Investigative specializes in cheating spouse, adultery, and infidelity investigations throughout the Los Angeles area and all of southern California.

child support

Child Support & Custody

Protect your child's interests with our detailed investigations that support custody and support claims.

civil litigation support

Civil Litigation Support

We assist in gathering evidence and information to strengthen your civil litigation cases.

Domestic & Difficult Family Matters

Domestic & Difficult Family Matters

Our sensitive approach helps in resolving various family-related disputes.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigation

We help in detecting and documenting instances of fraud.

Scene Investigations (1)

Scene Investigation

Our detailed scene investigations can uncover vital information for various cases.

Quality Control Visits (1)

Quality Control Visits

Ensure compliance and integrity in business operations with our quality control services.

Beverly Hills Residents

Our services encompass a broad range of offerings in Beverly Hills, spanning from personal injury surveillance to consulting surveillance. Our goal is to achieve success in the courtroom, not just on television. Below are some of the services we provide, along with testimonials highlighting our professionalism.

Surveillance for a Cheating Husband or Wife, or a Partner

In an era of dishonesty, West Front Investigations, LLC covers Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, seeking evidence of infidelity. When dealing with a cheating partner, we adopt a professional and direct approach to gather the necessary information. We follow your instructions to ensure that your emotional distress due to a lack of knowledge is promptly resolved.

Personal Injury Surveillance

Our investigative teams collect information, which is then analyzed by our expert legal team to support successful claims, often reaching tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Our surveillance services ensure that you present your case with maximum accuracy, increasing your chances of success in court. While our services may not be cheap, investing in precision and perfection will ultimately yield a return on investment. This is in contrast to hiring Beverly Hills private investigators who may deliver suboptimal results, wasting time and money.

Consulting Surveillance

West Front Investigations, LLC remains focused on Investigation Consultations, confidently assisting citizens in Beverly Hills in quickly obtaining the information they need. While other private investigators and detectives in Beverly Hills may offer lower rates, they cannot match our level of professionalism and attention to detail. Our consulting service has saved clients millions of dollars by utilizing a network of industry professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and a vast network of industry experts.

We are Committed to Your Satisfaction

West Front Investigations, LLC has received praise from numerous satisfied clients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and California. Our team of expert private investigators at RP Investigative Solutions offers a wide range of services to ensure that citizens in Beverly Hills receive the surveillance they need and the evidence they want with accuracy and professionalism. Call our Beverly Hills private investigators now to get the best investigative service!

Questions That Private
Investigators Are Asked

We recommend that you Google “Private Investigators near me”, create a list, and then check the online ratings.

Hiring a private investigator, as long as they do legal things, such locating witnesses, retrieving records, and obtaining statements, is legal.

Investigators can conduct surveillance in public places, gather evidence, locate witnesses and take statements. They can also testify to their findings in court.

California does require that the investigator obtain permission from the owner of the vehicle.

No, they cannot. They can only track your phone if they have access to it and download tracking software on it. This is highly illegal.

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Uncover the truth with RP Investigative Solutions, your trusted Beverly Hills Private Investigator! Need answers or information? Our skilled investigators are discreet, professional, and ready to assist. Whether it’s personal or business-related, we’ve got you covered. Don’t wait – contact RP Investigative Solutions today for reliable and confidential investigative services!