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Expert Activity Checks and Surveillance Services

If you're concerned about an elderly family member or suspect dishonesty in your surroundings, an activity check can offer a simple and effective way to ease your worries. West Front Investigations, LLC leverages our extensive decades of surveillance experience to spot check a person's daily routine and activities. Throughout the investigation, we'll keep you updated on our progress and provide a thorough assessment.

What Are the Best Places
to Use Activity Checks?

Checking on
Your Loved One

You want to ensure the well-being of your loved ones, whether they are in elder care or living alone. If you notice that they are not responding to your messages or returning calls, it’s crucial to have discreet professionals personally contact them to make sure everything is okay. Rest assured, we won’t disclose your information to the person you’re concerned about.

Verifying Dependent Status for Disability or Death Claims

Activity checks play a crucial role in verifying dependency status for disability or death claims. Our investigators spend time in the subject’s neighborhood to document and observe their daily activities. We also communicate with people familiar with their routine. Depending on the situation, we may employ more advanced surveillance techniques for challenging cases.

Checking on Your Children's Activity While You're Away

You can rely on us to provide peace of mind by conducting a discreet investigation to understand who your children are interacting with, how they communicate, and an overall view of their actions and whereabouts. This helps determine if they are behaving responsibly or simply to confirm their safety.

Verifying Suspected Activities of Partners or Employees

Our surveillance methods document the activities of your employees if you suspect your partner is having an affair. We provide regular reports and help determine if further investigation, such as our services for surveillance of adultery & cheating spouses, cohabitation/alimony, workers’ compensation cases, child custody cases, and integrity checks, is necessary.

We Can Do It

Investigative Services in Los Angeles, CA

West Front Investigations, LLC offers a broad spectrum of investigative services in Los Angeles, CA, addressing various needs:


Expert Level Surveillance

Our team uses cutting-edge techniques to discreetly gather necessary information.


Service of Process

We ensure legal documents are delivered efficiently, even in challenging situations.

background screening

Background Screening

From pre-employment checks to personal background verification, we offer thorough and reliable screening services.

activity check

Activity Check/Spot Check

We provide on-the-ground insights to verify individual activities or whereabouts.

Cohabitation Alimony


Uncover the truth about cohabitation status that can impact alimony decisions.

Corporate Security Investigations

Corporate Security Investigation

Protect your business interests with our comprehensive corporate investigation services.

Interview Recorded Statements

Interview/Recorded Statements

Our team conducts professional interviews to gather crucial information.

Insurance Fraud Cases (1)

Insurance Fraud Cases

We specialize in uncovering fraudulent insurance claims.

social media background checking

Social Media Backgrounds

We provide comprehensive checks on social media activities and histories.


Missing Persons/Skip Tracing

Our skilled team efficiently traces missing persons and skips.


Infidelity Investigation

RP Investigative specializes in cheating spouse, adultery, and infidelity investigations throughout the Los Angeles area and all of southern California.

child support

Child Support & Custody

Protect your child's interests with our detailed investigations that support custody and support claims.

civil litigation support

Civil Litigation Support

We assist in gathering evidence and information to strengthen your civil litigation cases.

Domestic & Difficult Family Matters

Domestic & Difficult Family Matters

Our sensitive approach helps in resolving various family-related disputes.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigation

We help in detecting and documenting instances of fraud.

Scene Investigations (1)

Scene Investigation

Our detailed scene investigations can uncover vital information for various cases.

Quality Control Visits (1)

Quality Control Visits

Ensure compliance and integrity in business operations with our quality control services.

Why West Front Investigations, LLC Is a Leading Activity Check Investigator

Trusted by Other Companies

West Front Investigations, LLC has been serving numerous clients and legal teams for many years. We assure you that all the information you provide us and the data we collect will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Don't just take our word for it; check out the reviews from our satisfied customers to see for yourself.

Licensed to Operate

We hold a valid license to operate in California. You can verify our license status and check if we have been involved in any legal issues by visiting the Department of Consumer Affairs. A reputable private investigator is always willing to provide their license number when asked.

Experienced to Meet Your Needs

Our private investigators are highly qualified to handle your specific needs. West Front's expert team is friendly and approachable, unlike the stereotypical intimidating figures that some may envision. Our detectives are discreet, and our extensive experience enables us to tackle any requirements you have. West Front Investigations, LLC can share successful cases similar to yours, boasting hundreds of success stories.

Ensuring Client Comfort

It is crucial for private investigators to maintain excellent communication with their clients and ensure their comfort throughout the process. From the moment you reach out to us, we prioritize your concerns and attentively listen to your needs and expectations. Our investigators are trained to understand your stories and requirements carefully.

Insured for Property Damage

RP Investigative Solutions carries insurance to cover any potential property damage that might occur during our investigations. Although we have never had to use it, you can have peace of mind knowing we are fully insured.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Services

Today, you can hire a private investigator to handle your case. Our Private Investigator will offer you a complimentary initial consultation. During this consultation, the investigator will discuss the expected costs. At RP Investigative Solutions, we take pride in our complete transparency regarding charges. Rest assured, our investigators will clearly outline all fees and expectations while working with you. 

To get started, you will need a fee agreement and retainer document. Are you ready to begin? Call our private investigators at (323) 910-1084 to learn more about our spot check services.

If you have specific services in mind for your case, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, even if you don't see the exact service listed on this page. We can suggest alternative methods to achieve the results you need. If we don't provide the specific service you're looking for, we can refer you to one of our associates, either nationally or internationally, who can provide the service you require.